Frank Venmans

Welcome to my website

I’m an Associate Professor at the Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics. 

As an economist, I focus on optimal climate policy, taking into account risk, imperfect information, technological change and inequality. I specialize in dynamic optimization under uncertainty, and develop integrated assessment models, looking at welfare-maximizing emission paths reaching net zero. In earlier years, I did applied empirical work, for example investigating how carbon prices affect emissions and competitiveness of firms. 

Starting my career as an engineer in forestry and soil management, I also have an interest in climate physics, tipping points and biodiversity loss. 

I aim for my work to be policy relevant. Since 2017, I’m the president of the Expert Committee on Climate Change, which validates the emission budgets of the Walloon government in Belgium. 

I’m also co-editor of Ecological Economics.


Working papers